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A close friend or confidant. Used in a fraternal context to address said friend. Bra for short.
He is such a chill bro. He's def a brahim.
by Gar March 21, 2005
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First water bong ever purchased by the infamous duo of: ElCapeton & LeGar

possible world record holder for longest surviving Bong from RO - with 10+ years of trusy service and counting, although now in semi-retirement awaiting its next chilly nice session

custom design fit perfectly in armrest hole of the LimeGreenMachine (rip) where it stayed 24/7/365 for 4 years, covertly hidden by a 'hightimes' magazine
"dude, wanna bong rip?"
"sure...lemme go to the caprice"
"purple wonder?"
"but of course"
by GAR February 05, 2004
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the Green Monster with optional 24 inch extension...increasing total length to 5 feet

often paired with the Liberty Bowl to increase bowl life

named in honor of malice green: black guy who recieved an unnecessary beat-down from the DPD

the Malice Green Monster was reserved for the most expert/stupid of tokers. one was considered legendary if he/she was able to clear it without coughing afterwards (snoman signature cough did not count)

unuseable alone due to extreme length, until it was discovered the a fireplace match between the toes would work well
"Time for some Malice Green Monster!"
"eat shit duud, I'm cashed out"
"Fuck Off!"
by GAR February 05, 2004
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person who is generally undesireable.
often used to describe minorities.
may be applied to any person though.

variants: diggit, dig, skindig
"What are you? Some kind of skindiggit?"
by GAR February 04, 2004
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removeable bowl top saved for extreme toke sessions

capable of holding 2+ grams in it, it was the only bowl deemed feasable for use on the Malice Green Monster though it was use on a variety of other pipes and bowls (including the short-lived 'enterprise', Green Monster, and Purple Wonder)
"Shit! one friggin rip and this bowl is cashed!"
"you know what the means dont you?"
"ohhhh yeh"
"time for the Liberty Bowl"
by GAR February 05, 2004
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enormous boobs; term generally reseved for use on women whose breasts are extremely large in relation to the rest of their body.
"oh my god! Did you see the gungadinnz on that spinner? You could camp out under them!"
by GAR February 04, 2004
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local pronunciation of remember
"Re'e'er that one time?"
by GAR February 05, 2004
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