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A gameshow where you work as a team of 5 people 1 being a leader. At first the first five team mates answer the questions themself's then after they answer the leader can change it or leave it alone. Then when you get to $200,000 a question with 6 choice's and the whole "team" say one of them and the leader can change any one of them. In the middle of the game there will be somthing called "the terminator" where one of the team mates get randomly selected to challenge any of there team mate's even the leader. Chuck Woolery then asks a question then what ever person buzz's in first and answer's the question correctly wins and takes there money away while the other person get's "booted" off. Players can win up to $2,000,000 and unfortuanly the show was taken off the air on FOX.
There now a version of greed that is called "super greed" for $4,000,000!
by ganban May 24, 2005

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The best console for the gamer. It will be released in spring 2006 and have so much more then the PS2 had. The heart of this beast is the CELL PowerPC-base core with 7 working cores each running at 3.2 GHz. The total floating point performance is 218 gigaflops for the CELL. The GPU for it will be the RSX "Reality Synthesizer" made by Nvidia running at 550 MHz with 1.8 TFLOPS and full HD up to 1080p x 2. There will be 512 MB of both XDR and GDDR3 RAM at crazy speeds. To sum it up this is going to be sweet.
The PS3 is going to be more powerful then PC's and all other consoles with great games.
by ganban May 18, 2005

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The best games ever were in the final fantasy series. A trio of great games and not for nerds anymore as millions of people play everywhere.
I think final fantasy 9 is the best game ever!
by ganban May 02, 2005

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