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A goddess of wisdom, beauty and love. The epitome of perfection.
Everyone wants to be like Marishaaa!!!!
by G Unit August 19, 2004
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Derogatory term for a black man, especially a large male purebred negro
Look at the nose and lips on that gorilla
by g unit April 23, 2005
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holy f**k! obie trice is such a good rapper. cheers is such a great album!!! look in my eyes is one of the best songs ever!!!!!
obie trice real name no gimmicks rap i live it
by g unit January 24, 2004
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1. A song by the band Jethro Tull

2. The ultimate manifestation of human evil
That hobo over there sure looks like an aqualung.
by G Unit May 01, 2004
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1. verb - to generally fuck something up in an eastern european manner

2. adjective, low budget or of low quality, looking as if of eastern european origin

3. noun - anyone of eastern european origin
1: he really butro-ed his car when he ran into that wall

2: that old car is so butro.

3: that is such a butro thing to do; he's such a butro
by g unit June 19, 2003
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To penetrate a woman back door and then procede to turn her around and punch her is the face.
I tried flipping the badger last night.
by g unit October 15, 2004
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A more serious type of bug drop that I published before Trevor could, in which one sits on someone's head who is asleep and farts.
Dude Larry pissed me off so i fuckin gave that bastard a turbo bug drop!
by g unit May 04, 2004
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