6 definitions by fuckershocking

Mr. Smith: beep beep here comes the dump truck!
Sofie: *giggles*
Mr. Smith: *makes a gooey warm mess all over her face then turns around and farts up her nose*
by fuckershocking April 11, 2005
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Just $20 bucks will buy you a fine rodent friend
HOURS of rodent sexual gratifification await you. Shove this thing up yer ass or cram it with your cock. ChiNchilluh'sz 4 ALL!
by fuckershocking March 23, 2005
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1. When something exists in four dimesnions, like lines, shapes, colors, and thyme and rosemarry

2. Getting electrocuted by tubs and slipping into your dogs body's brain

3. A girl on UD who post many pictures. Often accused of urinatiing on and in property at Lemonade Stands to feed the thirsty and clothe the stupid people who are fecos
1. Soups on! CUM an' git IT!

2. Alueminimium Luminuim SUNSHINE from planz spaghetti ACeeeTeee

3. She gave me one nut buster of a boner and I busted my acorns.
by fuckershocking March 23, 2005
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Giving a girl thumbs up . . . in her tight lil asshole.
Principal: Heeeey *pops a thumb in Becky's anus.
Becky: *farts*
by fuckershocking April 12, 2005
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When you see the picture of a cute but extremely geeky girl online and are forced to furiously masturbate to overcome you current state of horniness.
I was so horny looking at her cute lil face that I wrapped BOTH hands around my cock and jerked off like a fucking maniac. My balls exploded thick cum all over the goddamn screen and all over this chick's face.
by fuckershocking February 7, 2005
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