Breaking down a process or system into smaller modules to make it more accessible/easier to comprehend.

On the other hand, it also mean over-complicating a simple process to the extent of being anal in the extreme.
Normal Bloke: Here you are Old Lady, let me help you across the road.

Old Lay: Thank you, young man!

Project manager: Now then Normal Bloke, we need more granularity here. Firstly, what road are you referring to? Next, is there any traffic on said road and if so, at what speed is it travelling? We also need to define the camber of the edges and the traction factor of the tarmac under the temperature of the day to ascertain the breaking distance of the road users in case of a Normal-Bloke-Old-Lady-slippage scenario. Next, we need...

Normal bloke: Fuck this, I'm off to Macdonalds.
by flatster December 12, 2008
To get overly detailed when describing something or talking about a subject. Breaking things down to the fine grain.
"Did you listen to her describe every insignificant detail of her date last night? Damn, that chick got granular."
by Gari Cruze February 22, 2008
The ability to refine scope and increase detail.
The granularability of this issue allows it to be broken down into its specific components.
by BSHSI May 28, 2009
adj. 1. Specific as opposed to general. 2.Having a high amount of fine detail, as in a written or verbal report; 3. In-depth, thorough.
"As his career progressed, Carter became the rare high-ranking Pentagon official who had a granular understanding of how its most sophisticated weaponry worked."
by Krzysztof1 December 3, 2014
Granular Synthesis is the method of dissecting sampled audio or generated sound waves into tiny segments of generally only fifty to few hundred milliseconds. These segments can then be manipulated further. Pitch, duration and delay of grains can usually be edited to attain effects such as a "grain cloud."
Granular synthesis is used to make many reverberating, ambient sound-scapes used in film scoring.

Software Examples:
Audio Ease's RiverRun
KT Granulator
by Praveen Sharma March 6, 2006
An Infantry term for sand in the pussy. Commonly used to describe a soldier who whines about being sick.

ORIGIN: I first heard this from a Command Sergeant Major at Camp Greaves Korea.
Captain addressing his troops: "Private Jones has an acute case of Granular Vaginitis and wont be deploying to the field."
by Currahee00 May 27, 2009
Dunno. I think it's got something to do with music. Something Aphex Twinny.
What the hell is Granular synthesis?
by Chris Land June 24, 2005