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A stupid game that gets worse and worse every year. It has a crappy community, crappy updates, and crappy games. Half of the updates will last for a few years will get removed unless it involves money. Here is a last of things that were removed for no good reason:
infinite friends
old logo
person 1: you wanna go on ROBLOX.com?
person 2: you mean that terrible excuse for a game?
person 1: yes
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by fastcow January 22, 2018

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10 year old virgins who fucking love fortnite to death and say boi to everything ever
me: uses app on phone
5th grader: boi
by fastcow August 20, 2018

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Have you ever wanted to pay to get shitty anime that you can pirate? Well then use crunchyroll! now you can watch the same cookie cutter anime over and over! Also, dont forget to shove our website up people's asses saying how much you FUCKING LOVE IT! Also, offer some shitty free trial like it's Club Penguin Island
the average weaboo has a subscription to crunchyroll
by fastcow August 20, 2018

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A cruel, heartless, EVIL man that wasted many years of the lives of our young children. Not only that but you will get arrested if you make your child not have to go through what you've been through
The inventor of school is horace mann btw
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by fastcow October 11, 2018

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the people stopping you from having a pet
what's that son? you want a pet bird? well, because it has the ability to produce waste and make noise, it is IMPOSSIBLE to take care of in my house
by fastcow October 11, 2018

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a boring ass game
who the fuck needs an example of habbo
by fastcow October 11, 2018

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over rated as fuck
who needs a definition about chick-fil-a
by fastcow November 29, 2018

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