Have you ever wanted to pay to get shitty anime that you can pirate? Well then use crunchyroll! now you can watch the same cookie cutter anime over and over! Also, dont forget to shove our website up people's asses saying how much you FUCKING LOVE IT! Also, offer some shitty free trial like it's Club Penguin Island
the average weaboo has a subscription to crunchyroll
by fastcow August 20, 2018
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A crunchy roll is when you leave a jizzy cum soaked towel or tissue on the floor, to dry up and harden, for someone else (room service, a friend, etc) to pick up and discover!
After he came on her butt, he cleaned it up with a towel and left a crunchy roll on the floor for room service to pick up!
by The Hern May 11, 2018
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