6 definitions by evan4401

to cum into your hand then chuck it at someone, like bird shit
also, if a couple are dogging, or just having sex in a car you wank onto the car so it looks like birds have shit on the car
i seagulled this guy once, he was not amused but i enjoy seagulling
by evan4401 October 09, 2010
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masturbation without lotion or any form of lubrication
guy-i caught this guy masturbating outside yesterday, it was fucked up he didnt even have any lube
mums friend-what no lotion?
mum-no man he was dry dockin'
by evan4401 March 08, 2011
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a guy who thinks he is proper hard but is actually a puzzy
'badman'-brap brap batty boi is a badman yeah,ya get me! is i gonna shank you up standard blad, i is bare safe ye get me pussyole

actual hardcase-fuck you

'badman'-yes sir............

<so called 'badman' runs away sfter pissing his pants
by evan4401 October 04, 2010
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in the UK, after secondary school which finishes when one turns 16, one has the option of going to work or 6th form which is like a casual version of school with no uniform and one can choose ones classes. Also refered to as college which gets confusing for Americans who assume college means university which actually comes 2 years later
6th form is so much better than school because we can wear our own clothes and dont have to do shyte like poetry
by evan4401 October 04, 2010
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suprisingly improved sequel
a movie is an s.i.s if

a) the original was brilliant,yet the sequel was better
b) the original was average and no one expected an improvment
c) the original was pure garbage and no one wanted a sequel. a monkey could make a better sequel but this sequel was actually really good
aliens and terminator 2 are s.i.s type a imo

mad max 2 is awesome, it is an s.i.s type b because the first one was quite boring

mate, the star wars prequels were such utter shyte, im glad revenge of the sith was better, it was a type c s.i.s
by evan4401 October 02, 2010
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