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One Chuck Norris roundhouse kick, roughly equivilant to the Big Bang.
The fastest way of dying is 1CNRhK.
by Evan Met March 09, 2006

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When a group of males, such as a football or hockey team, punish a rookie player by each person jizzing on the same cracker then the rookie has to eat it.
Carlos is a new player, so we're going to give him the jizz cracker next tournament.
by Evan Met January 15, 2006

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when your soo wasted that when you puke you feel soooo much better.
i felt so sick, that when i puked, i had a pukegasm.
by Evan Met April 29, 2006

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a beard thats been growing for quite some time
i havnt shaved in 5 weeks, rockin a kimbo
by evan met November 27, 2009

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The combination of getting Mono and AIDS in one sexual experience(session).
I have MAIDS, I hate the bitch that gave me MAIDS, she should die.
by Evan Met April 20, 2006

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take a guess, whats shaped like a rocketship, has a purple top and is full of passion.
Cindy: "I heard that Evan over there has a huge purple passion rocket."
Evan over hears this.
Evan: "How about you find out for yourself."
(Evan whips out his dick)
All the girls stood motionless in amazement, not only for the giant cock in front of them, but for the bravery of Evan for whipping it out in the middle of math class.
by Evan Met March 03, 2006

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Probably the most exciting return man in the Nation Football League today, I'm not saying the best, but the most exciting. He plays for the Kansas City Cheifs and plays slot.
In 2003, Dante Hall changed directions three times on his way to a 93 yard punt return touchdown.
by Evan Met March 04, 2006

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