29 definitions by eugene

n. A political activist who has been active in the past, but in the present mostly talks about politics, drinks beer, smokes weed, and has sex with other activists.
After the strike, noose papier became a slacktivist; he needed the break.
by eugene March 3, 2004
person or people, usauly from cominuity service who clean up graffitti.
damn fool someone buffed my shit cu!!!
by eugene August 28, 2003
A large wharehouse that sells poorly made household items made in china, warped lumber, and grossly underpays its employees.
I went down to the Home Despot to buy a can a spray paint and got fucking lost.
by eugene February 8, 2004
A hideous young man with a large skull who lies alot
"He is so nasty lookin, and he's a pathological liar."
"What a Chien!"
by eugene September 1, 2004
A trotskyist's objectification of everyone who is not a socialist and needs leadership.
We must organize the working class.
by eugene February 2, 2004
Slang for twenty-two inch rims. Duece defining twenty inch rim, and two's defining the actual variety of twenty inch rim.
"I ride through the lot with my duece two's gleaming."
by eugene February 1, 2005