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Someone who upholds the USSR under Stalin's leadership as an appropriate and desirable model for society today. Those who believe in Stalin generally don't identify themselves as Stalinist, they instead call themselves Marxist-Leninist, but they believe Stalin accurately applied the teachings of Marx and Lenin. Modern Stalinist are recognized for their rejection of, what they label as, bourgeoise propaganda, against Stalin, and their constant conflict with other Stalinist over who is truly following his line.
Steve: Yo, Amy seems cool and all, but when she's looking me in the eyes I get a creeping feeling she's plotting something.

Me: She's a Stalinist, bro. She IS up to something. Look out!
by ItChOgUrlTaSha February 02, 2012
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1. Someone who thinks they have all the answers.
2. Someone who tells you do what they say, but not what they do.
3. People who think that they should be able to tell everyone else how to live.
4. Someone who would be happy to KILL you if you disagree with them.
SEE: Hilary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, Any News Anchor from ABC,CBS, NBC, CNN, BBC, CBC, et al
Hilary will institute the Gulag system in America if she is elected, just like her Stalinist Hero's
by tightasafishesass April 16, 2006
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