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biblical reference to 10 ft tall aliens (angel/man hybrids)
english goth band.
by ernie October 21, 2003

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a woman who is addicted to cock juice
by ernie October 21, 2003

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the small amount of semen that oozes from the penis up to 5 minutes after ejaculation.
The post cum put a spot on my new trousers.
by Ernie September 29, 2004

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to rape a man in his ass and take his dignity, usually said by a man to another man
"Bitch, i'll take yo man hood"
by ERnie June 21, 2004

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A bowel movement that resembles dumping a large portion of cornflake type cereal into the toilet.
After drinking all night and eating Taco Bell, Ernie left an enormous cornflake blast in the toilet.
by Ernie November 25, 2003

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A word meaning complete idiot. Sometimes said when someone is really pissing you off.
What are you?... You're a fuckstick!

Shut your fucking face ya fuckstick!

For fuck sake... fuck off you fucking fuckstick!
by Ernie January 26, 2005

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A diomand geeza. very funny individual who has the way with the ladies. Someone who's hairpeice seems to change color everytime you see him.

Will act as below:
Someone who can get any woman he wants, or can shag them anytime any place. Including up against a postbox.
by Ernie October 15, 2004

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