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n. pl. People that are outside of your group or party, or outside of any party perhaps, ie. those who roll alone, especially on Xbox Live.
We just raped those guys in that last game, they must have all been randoms.

Who are these randoms we keep running into?
by eminutia January 16, 2010

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Expression by somebody when they reach a certain level of frustration with a game that causes them to stop playing the game for a period of time, be it short or lengthy (usually short). Said person goes back to the game again and again, and reaches that same level of frustration, leaving the game once again.. but always returning.

You're so host, fuck, I'm done with this game!
by eminutia January 08, 2010

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An incurable (but treatable) disease that affects a small percentage of the population. It wreaks havoc on the sufferer's ability to make sense out of simple things. You may have schizoaffective disorder if you:

1. lived your life in peace and harmony up until a point where someone or something in your life caused you to question what things were really about.

2. were admitted to the psych ward for expressing your "delusional" thoughts to other people.

3. believe that some outside entity is forcing doom upon the good people of the world for vengeful reasons.

4. think that if you share your sensitive ideas with people that your wonderful life will be destroyed.

5. have feelings and emotions but cannot get in touch with them because of a dark force within the mind.

6. heard voices in your head at one point and wish they would come back.

7. had friends at one point but all left you because you had voices in your head.

8. wish that the world was a better place, and believe that there's nothing you can do to contribute to positive change in society.

9. had a realization that all this time other people were living inside of you and monitoring your every move.

10. had a conversation with people in the television.

11. have trouble keeping up with the plot in movies like "Spy Game" and "Wall Street".

12. are slow to come up with ideas.

13. are jealous of the people with schizophrenia because they don't have to deal with emotions when being scorned.

14. fear social interaction.

15. think that you can't be yourself..EVER.

16. think that all your talent will be wasted because your life is passing you by and you will never get the courage up to attempt working towards a career that could potentially make your life worth living.

17. are afraid that persons are going to sabotage your endeavours, yet you have wronged nobody.

18. have your world come apart because nobody will sit beside you.
This person is schizophrenic. That person is schizoaffective. YOU are free.
by Eminutia October 14, 2008

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exp. A name given to Gears of War or Gears of War 2 by someone who is frantically enthusiastic about playing another game, so he yells "Gears of Whore!", while alone in his bedroom, thinking about gibbing his next victim with a gnasher shotgun.
Frantic Gamer: "I'm finna play a nex' game o' Gears of Whore!!!"
by eminutia January 20, 2010

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An amount of money exclusively earned by someone who is devoted to his colleagues and shares with his friends.
"We went and robbed a bank, me and my friends, and split the money"

"You made a dogpiece million didn't you?"
by Eminutia September 02, 2008

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n. A state of being extreme skillful with the shotgun in a shooter, such as Gears of War or Call of Duty.
Man, I saw this one guy on Justin.tv, he had such beast shotty on Rust in MW2, he was like Blam! Blam! blowing people away like they were static targets! You gotta see this guy..
by eminutia January 13, 2010

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The worst possible insult you can give someone on gears.
You've got your wings, no skill and no teammates. You're a fake level 100 random aren't u?
by eminutia January 15, 2011

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