58 definition by elizabeth

consensual sex
It was not rape, it was consexual.
by Elizabeth January 02, 2004

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Usually for the kids (in school), if they don't buy a lunch at the school for almost $2.00, and it's not crap, then it's a bagged lunch. It can be in one of those brown paper bags... or in a lunch box: a hard one (I'm not talking "horny" you sick bastards), or a soft one.
"I had my Mom pack me a bag lunch," said Jimmy, "I didn't wanna put up with the crap they serve in the cafeteria again..."
by Elizabeth September 06, 2004

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some one who rapes dead bodies
The necrophiliac was so horny, he raped that dead body.
by Elizabeth March 21, 2005

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1. a penis ( slang )
"watch out for his wallaby", "quit pointin your wallaby at me!", "shiet you dont know about his wallaby"!
by elizabeth October 15, 2004

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adolf hitlers birthday.
Person # 2:Yeah man, lets get stoned
by elizabeth April 17, 2005

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The most amazing singer in the world!!!
Davey Havok rules
by Elizabeth July 01, 2004

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undrewears that are big and ugly
granny panties are stupid to wear when you are going to have sex that why theres thongs like mine they are baby blue
by elizabeth August 28, 2004

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