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Fat + Gayass....lol
My best friends, boyfriends, roommates, cousins, moms, second cousin twice removed,(who is, by some freaky ass chance, my brother) is such a Fatg!!!
by Elizabeth April 16, 2004

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Hee hee hee. :D...:(. "Cool Beans" is an expression meaning something is cool, awesome, or tight (not tight like very small, but cool). It's also what my really really mean science teacher in 6th used to say when everything was ready to roll (another expression meaning everything was done and you could get started). Everyone in the class was just bewildered/wanted to laugh when she said it.
1.) Whoa! Cool Beans!!! I love that idea!!

2.)"Cool Beans!" the science teacher said, "we can now get started. Turn your book to page 124."

*As the students are turning to pg. 124, some mutter among themselves....*

Student A: "Cool Beans? COOL BEANS?!?!? What the heck is that?!!?! It's sooo stupid!!!"
Student B: "Yeah, really! That IS stupid! I can't wait 'til we get outta this class..."

*Both students look at clock... So much time...time...time...*

Student A: "Pfft. Nether can I!"

*Teacher starts lesson.... and the students wait.... and wait.... and wait...*
by Elizabeth September 04, 2004

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Whore, slut, Uses people for rides and sex, tryflin ho
God, I want to smack Bo so much for doing what she did.
by Elizabeth March 12, 2005

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tacky crap, plastic junk, gee-gaw
"I went to the flea market where everyone was selling their gype."
by Elizabeth January 02, 2004

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a weird person
ex. Shaun or Kirby
by Elizabeth February 20, 2004

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When you feel all weird inside for no apparent reason, like something is missing.
I felt irky today when I got out of bed.
by Elizabeth January 09, 2005

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1. One who displays an extreme need of education

2. A term of general endearment, usually denoted by context and audience
Dearest Meatpuppet, I'm sorry if you don't understand the concept of proper grammar, however every time you send me an email containing incomplete sentences and/or and obscene amount of periods, I will flog you. This is called operant conditioning.
by Elizabeth December 29, 2004

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