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the sound uttered when producing (or making the motion of producing) a blade, expandable baton, or other metallic object, usually a weapon.
Check out this shiv I just got. *Shink*
by elemental June 27, 2005
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a load of laundry which contains everything in the hamper. no sorting takes place. reds in with whites. delicates with jeans. usually, the washing machine is packed as full as possible. the college load is a direct result of exorbitant prices at campus laundry rooms.
crap, i only have a buck in quarters. looks like i'll have to do a college load.
by elemental May 04, 2005
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far, far better than simply to r0x0r. to rock like a fox in a box. because if you put a f0x0r in a b0x0r, that b0x0r would certainly be r0x0ring off the charts.

really grood.
chel: someone just blew up the football stadium...looks like no more hokie football. ever again.

a: r0x0r like a f0x0r in a b0x0r! this is the best news EVER!
by elemental October 12, 2005
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"Let us proceed with all due haste."

Origin: The "Monster Truck" Strong Bad email wherein Strong Mad will smash Marzipan's guitar over Homestar's head. Homestar says "Let's do this like Brutus!"
I'm ready to go kife some firewood from West End.

Alright, let's do this like Brutus.
by elemental June 27, 2005
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the entirety of the genital region. a particularly vulnerable target in men for the foot of a displeased female. see also crotchal zone.
uf, i just got nailed in the groinalplex by a golf club. i think i'm gonna cry.
by elemental May 04, 2005
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a game in which loose change is loudly rolled across a floor, often in a cafeteria or classroom, with the goal being to see who will dive for the penny or nickel you rolled. one who dives for loose change is identified as a scurf.

the 'scramble' aspect of it is most entertaining when multiple scurfs butt heads and wrestle for the meager coinage.
>heath, wanna go play scurfy scramble next period?

>nah, let's go kife stuff from Dollar General instead.
by elemental May 07, 2005
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a measure to describe the rate of liquid flow. one Urine Flow Unit, or UFU, is equivalent to the rate of a normal, unhurried piss. a full bladder may dispense urine in excess of one (1) UFU.

the utility of the Urine Flow Unit is not restricted to bodily fluid, but indeed any flow of beverage, water, or other liquid.

UFU is an American standard measure. To convert to metric, multiply by 1.54.
Whoa, the milk dispenser in D2 is really crankin' out the skim milk today. I'd say it's gotta be in excess of 4 Urine Flow Units.
by elemental September 04, 2006
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