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Any pointless or useless activity. Often seen in large organizations.
I can't eat lunch today, the vp has me doing a rock fetch.
by eMeS November 7, 2004
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Leaving a restaurant without paying the check.
I was broke, so I did the no-cash-dash at Denny's the other day.
by eMeS September 30, 2004
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A sex act involving two partners where one partner inserts an unpeeled banana into the other partner's rectum. As the banana is ejected from the rectum, it is peeled and eaten by the other partner. The 'Albino Catfish' is often seen on glass bottom boat rides.
I went on a glass bottom boat ride the other day and saw an albino catfish.
by eMeS September 22, 2003
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A large, loud, after-market muffler typically attached to a rice burner car.
Look at the chink tip on that car.
by eMeS September 13, 2004
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Taking a shit in the upper bowl of someone's toilet, such that the shit is not moved to the sewer when the toilet is flushed. The result is rotting shit in the top bowl of the toilet.
I topsided Dave when I was over at his house last night.
by eMeS September 11, 2004
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Any difficult activity of uncertain outcome involving numerous and often competing factions that is of dubious value.
The latest project that I'm manging at work involves so many different groups that it's just like herding cats.
by eMeS December 22, 2005
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A sexual act involving two partners (at least one male) in the 69 position. One partner works the male partner's penis like a trombone, while blowing into his ass, like a trombone.
Let's get in the 69 position and you can practice playing the jamaican trombone.
by eMeS September 27, 2003
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