Related to a golden shower, chocolate fudging is a form of faeces play that involves putting it in your mouth and chewing, like you would with real fudge....
I dumped Jane because she was into chocolate fudging, that is just sick!
by The spin Dr August 11, 2011
The Act of shitting in someones mouth after knocking them out with a stick. Just hope you dont grind your teeth.
Damn Dylan id love to give your mom a chocolate fudge bar. I know but I wanna Give Joeys mom one to.
by D Boiiiiii 93 October 14, 2010
Anything that comes out of an ass in the form of shit... it is always brown and sometimes smells like... well shit!
When someone tells you

"hey man, someone just laid a nasty chocolate fudge nugget in the guy's bathroom urinal"


"Holy shit! You just laid the nastiest chocolate fudge nugget... i can smell it from here!"
by Dale Scottsman February 6, 2009
Instead of swear words like fuck, shit, ect, ect, chocolate fudge monkey can be used.

Could also be used as a bad insult.
by julz R. February 2, 2007
When your girlfriend shits in your mouth and then you proceed to give her oral sex.
by RankDank123 July 19, 2017