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all insults combined
You're such a fewn
by dustin May 01, 2004

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A better, less formal way of saying someone is to be slapped with a penis.
American: Dude, are you Canadian?

Canadian: Yes. Why?

American: You live in an igloo and have a pet beaver. Hahaha

Canadian: I'm going to peckerslap you.
by Dustin April 19, 2005

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In regards to wrestling, it is the type of wrestling mostly done in young child levels through college. The winner either is the person who either pins the opponent(gets the person on their back with their shoulder blades touching the mat for around 2-4 seconds). Or has the most points at the end of the match through take-downs, reversals, excapes, and back points.
There is some international competition for it, although freestyle and grecco are more popular throughout the world and these are the two styles that are in the olypmpics.
by Dustin April 03, 2005

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When travelling/studying in a foreign country, people from that country come up to you to speak your language usually merely for the sake of showing off their language skills to you or for practicing.
We were walking down the street in China when this guy came up and started telling us all about China in broken English.
by Dustin February 19, 2005

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Combination of fo sheezy and indeed in honour of Rasheed Wallace.
"Hilary Duff's legs are getting teh sexy."
"Fo Sheed."
by Dustin July 17, 2004

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another way of sayin lets get going or Git R Done
as my peeps say in da hood ya'll, lets git it wit it
by dustin April 13, 2005

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Study in society, that possibly can be best used in the corrections system.
I am a soc. major and I am focusing on the prison system and more specifically drug offenders. I believe treatment whould be the first option seeing as it is less espensive than the prison system and has shown to be more effective because of less repeat offenders.
by Dustin April 03, 2005

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