1. Verb. To be shot. See also: capped, clapped.
"Shocked as fu*k at havin' just aired that boy out" -- Mobb Deep
by Big L February 14, 2004
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to bust a cap or send bullets throught a house or car's windows, thus clearing all humans out of the space
"Tony had to air out Bob's house last night because Bob fucked his girl".
by Mr. Smarty-Pants October 17, 2004
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Air out:

- Let's air out a lil' bit and I tell you the whole story.

- Ok, let's go!
by William Warney October 22, 2009
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To be put in place or to be put in check.
I aired out Aaron yesterday!!
I'm about to Air you the f**k out!
by Deejyup March 26, 2009
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The act of releasing the smell of marijuana from a certain area. Commonly done with a car, room, or any other area where you don't want it to smell.
- "Dude we better air out before I go home or I'm going to smell like dank."

-"Put your window down so we can air out before your mom takes the car."

-"If you don't air out dude, the cops are going to smell the weed."
by TheChronicKingWes115 January 23, 2010
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To cuss someone out or give someone a very long lecture.
Darla had to air out her son last night because she caught him smoking weed in her living room
by BlackTenebris October 19, 2019
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