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1. Verb. To be shot. See also: capped, clapped.
"Shocked as fu*k at havin' just aired that boy out" -- Mobb Deep
by Big L February 14, 2004
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(noun) A successful type of theft which results in an acceptable, impressive and rewarding payday for the protagonist.
Last night, hit a good lick. I brought home three figures easy for about two hours worth of my time. Not too bad I don't think.
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by Nikki Stixx January 18, 2021
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To be put in place or to be put in check.
I aired out Aaron yesterday!!
I'm about to Air you the f**k out!
by Deejyup March 26, 2009
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To be put on blast publicly. Exposed. Like airing out dirty laundry.
Don't tell her anything important , unless you wanna get aired out on social media.
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To have sex with a female.
So yea, I aired-out that girl and my boy aired-out her friend.
by jsolo February 11, 2011
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Up the ass. The preparation, engagement, or result of anal play or sex.
“Omg, my ass is gaping after last night. He really had me aired out.”
by Shmeeeeeeeeee44 March 07, 2020
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