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Young White Female, esp. with jungle fever.
Hey Bra, You know that pink toe checking for you.
by Dru January 14, 2005

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The guy at the party or club that tries to pick-up every woman in the place. He is usually drunk, smells, and has bad breathe.
Look-out girl, that pest is coming over here!!
by Dru January 14, 2005

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small car usually driven by females.
"check out that hot girl in the tigra"
by dru November 10, 2003

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When someone / something gets one over you.
1) TONY: I worked so hard this Summer to pass my dental exams. I know Suzy has been partying the whole summer, hasn't attended a single lecture and finished the exam 15 minutes before I did. Yet she still got higher marks than me..
ME: Yeah mate she afghanisted you.

2) DRU: Kelly you just missed the turning for McDonalds!
KELLY: Sorry! The turning just came out of nowhere!
DRU: The road just afghanistaned u.

3) DRU: You came with that girl and now she's dancing with another guy. Look!
PETE: I just got afghanistaned :(
by DRU June 09, 2013

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:someone who smokes herbs, such as garlic and basil.
Atom:let's go smoke some basil rolls!
Dru: yeay! we're scalidepoises!
by Dru September 08, 2003

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it means somethings coot
by dru April 23, 2003

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Noise musician from Japan who emerged in the 1980's who released more than 50 albums. Considered dadaist and innovative by the underground scene.
Merzbow's music isn't music...it's noise!

1930 is Merzbow's most popular album.
by Dru January 19, 2004

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