Most commonly used in the same context as "oh, damn". Used to express frustration, anxiety, depression, etc. Ocasionally the second syllable is prolonged to demonstrate any emotion in an extreme fashion.
As an exclamation on it's own: Instead of "I can't believe I'm so stupid!", just use "Blerg!"
by Chigz September 21, 2003
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How robots say goodbye according to the Alpha-Beta Bots on Sesame Street episode. You can find proof of this on (Episode_4185).
by ksclarke June 4, 2009
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A word... or sound to describe how you're feeling. Usually representing an indefferience or simply not caring. Also used to exress boredom and uninterested in doing anything.
Sallie: "Blerg"

Sam: "Yea i'm not feelin so great too. Im SO BORED!! Blerg =P"
by AirmanGirl January 31, 2010
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Usually meant "Drat!", "Darn!" or "Damn!".
Example: You got a "C" on your History exam. In disgust you mutter "Oh, blerg!". Originally used in place of a cuss word in the old (circa mid '60's) "Archie And Jughead" comic books.
by Bix12 July 3, 2016
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A blog post written without the aid of coffee or related substances. Alternate spelling: blurg.
I'm really surprised at the quality of this blerg given I haven't had my coffee yet.
by wordyguy7 October 28, 2010
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oh man, I was so blerged that night.
by SEMIGLIA September 18, 2008
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an expression of annoyance, anxiety and minor anger.
Blerg! I forgot to study for that test.
by LizLemon30Rock March 13, 2009
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