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Derbyshire term which applies to conversation, typically between farmers in the local pub, in which they recount the hardships faced in their profession over the years, often profusely laced with hyperbole.
"That's nowt! I remember back int' '62 when we was working in snow up t' necks digging aht sheep non-stop fer a week. Now that were a winter that were!"

"Ah' quit with yer hard-wintering and get yer round in"
by drbollocks May 21, 2009
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Cute girl. Term made famous by the likes of Leslie Philips and Donald Sinden in Ealing comedies.
"I say...what an absolute popsy!"
by drbollocks August 5, 2008
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Something really tough...very difficult.
"This steak is chewier than a horse's hymen"

"These instructions are proving tougher than a horse's hymen"
by drbollocks August 9, 2008
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A combination of chips and mushy peas in Derbyshire
I'll ay a pie 'n' mix wrapped please.
by drbollocks April 20, 2008
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Also used to refer to pavement/sidewalk in Ilkeston, but possibly "causey" from "causeway"
"No playing in the road...stay on the corsey"
by drbollocks April 17, 2008
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The illusion of a woman having four buttocks, through wearing over-tight panties beneath equally tight trousers, the panty-line cutting into and dividing the flesh of each cheek.
"What was Fat Sue thinking wearing tight pants...you can see her quad ass"
by drbollocks November 27, 2008
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No longer produced beer from Nottingham.
James Shipstone & Sons was the name of a brewery based in New Basford in Nottingham, England that opened in 1852 and finally closed in 1991. The company produced the Shipstones brand of beer, known locally as Shippos.
by drbollocks April 17, 2008
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