19 definitions by dirk diggler

What ever fag bug chaser is looking for; a person with AIDS to infect them.
Dave was looking for that special gift giver last night.
by dirk diggler July 25, 2003
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v. 1. to pout, complain, or make unreasonable demands. 2. To piss in a gizzle's back (See below).
n. 1. An individual characterized by a lack of diplomacy. 2. Demands respect which has not been earned.
(ALSO: Giz; May be pronounced Ji'-zul)
The gizzle just gizzed on me cuz i didn't pay the phone bill. Fuckin gizzle.
by dirk diggler September 13, 2003
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when you piss on a woman's face and immediately ejaculate on it and the messy medley of man juice and liquid waste becomes fluffy and cakelike
dude, that girl doesnt care what the hell you put on her face. I heard Jimmy O'Keefe even gold caked her once.
by dirk diggler March 12, 2005
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Word used to trick ignorant internet patrons into signing up for spam.
You've won a free* 42" plasma tv. Just enter your email address below.

*It's not really free... sucker!
by dirk diggler March 15, 2005
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