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When people push you and push you and push you and even when it's becoming obvious you're not enjoying what they're doing they fucking persist.
I'm really getting fucking pissed off at you mother fuckers.
by digitaldevil December 28, 2004

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Earth shaking, mind-bended, knee quaking diarrhea with a burning sensation. Similar to molten lava pouring from your anus.
After he had spent the night eating jalapeƱos with hot sauce and binge drinking, Steve woke up with the splattery hots and thought he was going to die.
by Digitaldevil November 03, 2006

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A fucking midget. A short person who should be seen and not heard.
Oh my Gods, wandergirl is such a fidget!
by digitaldevil December 29, 2004

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The German translation for giving someone a Donkey Punch.

Donkey Punch: When you're fucking someone doggie style in the ass and you want it a bit tighter, just punch them hard in the back of the head. This is sometimes accompanied by the battle cry of "DONKEY PUNCH!"
"DONKEY PUNCH!" *bang!!!!*

"You son of a bitch!"

*pffft pffft pffft* "Ahhh, thanks babe."
by Digitaldevil March 08, 2005

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Any tender male morsel that might be seen as prey for a gay "bear."
Steve realized his blunder as he walked into the Blue Oyster Bar and all the men in attendance locked eyes on him as fresh bearmeat!
by digitaldevil April 16, 2009

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"Ghey tendencies"

When a "straight" man shows tendencies or mannerisms similar to, but not wholly restricted to, gay men.
We believe Steve has ghendencies because he holds his hands on his hips and thrusts his pelvic region when he gets involved with conversations.
by digitaldevil April 04, 2008

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"Gay Taste"

When a "straight" male has a penchant for picking out attractive clothing, trimming his facial hair delicately, an eye for color, and other traits stereotypically found with gay men.
Nate's choice in clothing and his incredible ability to match his new drapes with the paint on his bedroom walls shows he has ghaste.
by digitaldevil April 04, 2008

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