15 definitions by diddy kong

When one has concerns bigger than the relationship between their bottoms and their bottom wears.
Dude, can you put your pants on already?! I find it strange I have to ask twice...

...Pants at a time like this?!!
by diddy kong June 18, 2011
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the state of being both happy and heated (angry)
I spent an hour looking for my 5 pages of math homework last night (at 2 a.m.), and ended up finding it right under my pillow. note that I was sitting on my bed when I noticed I lost my homework. I was happily heated to find it

anthony was happily heated when he finally lost his virginity, but caught a few stds in the process
by diddy kong December 16, 2009
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Similar to the freshman 15, the high 15 is the short amount of time someone gains fifteen pounds from the first few times of getting high. Achieved through the munchies.
I am currently suffering from a high 15. I have noticed that I am high (as I type this) and have been eating cake, lays chips, water, tab, pint of chocolate icecream...and it occured to me I might be showing symptoms of the incurable high 15.

Earlier when I went to send a text I realized my eyes couldn't look at the same spot at the same time and my left wrist feels really heavy when I don't look at the screen and so I do to correct my grammar so you can't see how high I am. But I actually have much better grammar and punctuation when I'm high because of it. I should also split this up because this is getting long. I also keep getting caught in the mirror for long periods of time. I hope no one thinks this is gay because it's as if I am just making it up to think high is cool etc and not even smoked but trust me I am buggin out right now. I tried to see if I could see an itch in the mirror earlier. Ok then that's long enough.
by diddy kong June 11, 2011
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a shorter way to say Dominican Republic (o La República Dominicana)
my boy José is from D.R.

es simplisímo
by diddy kong September 12, 2009
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when you hear a song, and you can easily recognize one of the synths or other instruments or effects were made in fruity loops.
guy: ha that kid used chiptunes and didn't even put a filter or nothin I can tell

astrologist or some shit: My, you have quite the fruity ear, it's astounding what a discovery !

guy: then he used "I'll give you pleasure"
by diddy kong March 17, 2009
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a word usually used by white nerds to seem cool, because all they do all day is stick tootsie rolls up their hershey hole and play WoW and xbox 360 live
tj had bamf in his profile on xbox live, but we all knew he was really a ngwpwowwwbid (nerdy geek who plays world of warcraft while watching babies in diapers)
by diddy kong April 13, 2007
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(males) def. 1: when one busts while a person is in the room next door, only to realize they have no where to wipe the mess, and can't go to the bathroom because said person would see them walking to the bathroom, therefore stuck in the room with a big mess

def. 2: when one busts with a laptop on their stomach or in a weird position, and after their hands are messy with residue, they can not move anything off of them (ex blanket, pillow) and can not use their hands to get up from a laying position, therefore trapped laying down, with sticky hands
"I was laying on the couch with my laptop on my stomach watching porn, and my legs were wrapped in a blanket, and both my hands were covered...I had no way of getting up. this is when I realized I was cum trapped. but at least I 'came' up with a new urban dictionary word, right?"

-me on how I thought of the word
by diddy kong November 21, 2009
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