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when the alpha male bites the head of a giggle stick a little while being thrusted by a black man going balls deep, and when it hurts, he bites down hard causing it to pop off like decapitation.
fenno decapitated holla whilst grace was teaching fenno the Heimlich's maneuver if you know what i mean
by diddy kong March 28, 2007
When one has concerns bigger than the relationship between their bottoms and their bottom wears.
Dude, can you put your pants on already?! I find it strange I have to ask twice...

...Pants at a time like this?!!
by diddy kong June 18, 2011
a word usually used by white nerds to seem cool, because all they do all day is stick tootsie rolls up their hershey hole and play WoW and xbox 360 live
tj had bamf in his profile on xbox live, but we all knew he was really a ngwpwowwwbid (nerdy geek who plays world of warcraft while watching babies in diapers)
by diddy kong April 13, 2007
trick + itch

when u feel an itch and scratch it, but it doesn't go away, and you can't seem to figure out where the itch is for about a minute but its for sure in that area. that minute will drive ordinary ppl insane
man i feel an itch but i cant figure out where it is

tricitch homie lifes a bitch yo
by diddy kong December 23, 2008
A gimmicky American Idol ripoff singing competition show used to boost to sales of the hosts: Maroon 5, Gnarls Barkley, Christina Aguilera, and some gay country singer. Rumors have it their careers plummeted when Christina got stuck in a bottle, Ceelo was hit with depression when his girl left him, and Adam was hospitalized for liking to get beaten by his woman.
I haven't seen The Voice yet. What's it about?....You mean a singing competition based off of the sounds of their voices? REVOLUTIONARY!!!! MY GOD PUT IT ON
by diddy kong June 29, 2011
when you hear a song, and you can easily recognize one of the synths or other instruments or effects were made in fruity loops.
guy: ha that kid used chiptunes and didn't even put a filter or nothin I can tell

astrologist or some shit: My, you have quite the fruity ear, it's astounding what a discovery !

guy: then he used "I'll give you pleasure"
by diddy kong March 17, 2009
the almighty composer for the donkey kong country series. much mcuh much better than most artists out there who produce music nowadays, even though his songs were from a decade ago.
dave wise made the theme to great levels like stickerbrush symphony, the song to the bramblez level.
by diddy kong April 16, 2008