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The practice of leaving the washroom with wet hands, usually down to not being able to use the hand dryer. Generally happens in mensrooms to avoid guys having to hang around uncomfortably whilst they wait for a dryer to become free.
Katie: Boy you're clammy. Are you nervous cuz this is our first *proper* date?
Chet: Get over yourself. It's just the result of a damp-out. Dryer was out of order and these are my best khakis.
by dickyboy July 20, 2006
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A person required to operate simple equipment or machinery as part of a menial job. A great put-down when accompanied by the name of the item they're forced to use every day.

Used creatively the term monkey is another fine contender for the same role.
Wesley: "Sean tried to tell us he was the office's Commercial Manager, but it turned out he just makes tea."
Aaron: "What a jumped-up kettle jockey!"

Paula: "I'm forty years old and you're demoting my role to checkout jockey?"
Store Manager: "Yup. Close the door on your way out."
by dickyboy June 30, 2006
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A cute female who's so smart she can instinctively decode those abbreviations designed to make life 'easier' for the rest of us.
"That Bethany's a real acronymph. When it comes to initials she really knows her Address Resolution Service (ARSe) from her Extremely Low Birth Weight (ELBW)"
by dickyboy September 21, 2005
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A group of Shakespearean fanatics so into the whole bard thing that they communicate in rhyming couplets.
PERCY: Let's bid farewell these saucy tarts,
Lest love's arrows pierce too-eager hearts.

CHRIS: Hey - cut that bardcore shit will ya? We just hooked up with this fine pair of honeys, and you wanna leave da club already??!?
by dickyboy November 3, 2006
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Chain reaction that happens when the driver in front of you on the freeway cleans their windshield, spraying droplets of screenwash onto your windshield, so you end up having to do the same - so does the guy behind you...

Based on the phenomenon of passing messages from person to person called Chinese Whispers
Brooke: "Man, that chain of Chinese Wipers we just passed went on for 8 cars straight - surely that's some kind of record...?"
Kelvin: "Dude, you're supposed to be looking at the MAP!!"
by dickyboy April 27, 2006
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The time it takes to flush away a persistent stool/turd.
"Where ya been, dawg? You missed dessert."
"Couldn't leave the mensroom, man. All the air in those puffed wheat Cheeso's have given my shits some real logevity. Damn took nearly three flushes."
"Nice. Think I'll pass on that chocolate mousse..."
by dickyboy March 24, 2006
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Version of the old English phrase "neck of the woods", meaning the 'settlement' you come from. Updated for the neighborhood.
Spins: "You should meet my cuz Ronnie, you guys would tear da place up"
L Trip: "Ronnie Spinowitz? Already know the bro dawg, he's from my neck o da hood"
Spins: "No WAY!!!"
L Trip: "Yeah. Fat, spotty, four-eyed kid, right...?"
Spins: "Errrm right"
by dickyboy May 2, 2006
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