To smoke a blunt in a car on the way to pick up more nutcho
You down on this L trip?
by Jro July 4, 2004
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Referring to one of those “live, laugh, love” people that’s just basic af. The ones that base their personality off of their Starbucks order and how much money they spend at Target. I’m talking the idiots that buy non toxic cleaners that are eco friendly and then don’t recycle the bottles. Every human that has ever said “They’re really nice, but...” followed by a horrible remark about said person.
A LLL (Trip-L) is a person who is obsessed with being as basic as possible in order to conform to society and be liked.


Person 1: Oh yeah, Janice is a total LLL dude.

Person 2: What’s that?

Person 1: A LLL is just a super basic person. She got her boyfriend to buy her a pure-bred German Shepard and they named it “Gunner”. Plus, the first names on her baby-name list are “Braxton” and “Cayleigh”.
by TheDevilsOpinion May 8, 2021
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