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Gamerscore is a way of measuring a gamer’s progress of games on the Xbox 360. Games award you with various achievements for completing certain tasks (i.e. kill 10 enemy’s in 10 seconds gives you 50 gamerscore).

You will always be made fun of for your gamerscore, either for being real low or real high. This is how many people see a person’s gamerscore:

0 – 1000: Really low, why do you even own an Xbox? Your a noob.
1000 – 2500: Low, there is more to play than Halo and GTA dude. Still a noob.
2500 – 5000: Below Average, Red Ring of Death strikes here. Emerging from noobness.
5000 – 7500: Average, you’re a gamer but you don’t run it completely into the ground. Your no longer a noob.
7500 – 10000: High, and Impressive.
10000 – 15000: Quite High, at this point you may start being called a ‘nerd’.
15000 – 20000: Damn Son, at this point you are a nerd.
20000 – 30000: Holy Fuck, its called outdoors, you know with trees and animals…
30000 – 50000: No Life, you live in your parents basement, no job, no girlfriend, ect.
50K and Up: Virgin, you have never seen a pussy, and at this rate you never will.
I saw someone on Xbox Live who had a gamerscore of 110,000, and couldn't believe that someone could possibly have that much spare time.
by Dewit October 03, 2009

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Just another one of the governments experiments on population contol. See AIDS and Taco Bell.
The government realized that the population was getting too large, and would cause people to starve. In an effort to aviod this, they created the virus AIDS. Well, that dosen't kill enough people, so then they created Taco Bell, but thats not killing as much as it is causing diareaha. Aha! They have a new idea. They created the Swine Flu virus and blamed it on Mexico! It's a win-win! (Or is it?)

Wash your hands, and keep clean. Don't be another victim of the government.
by Dewit April 30, 2009

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A shit so amazingling huge you must remove the side of your house and have a flat bed truck transport it to the ocean where it will take up to three months for the mammoth shit to break down into several thousand small shits.

This is often a side affect from eating freeze-dried food or too much bread with water.
Everyone leave, I have to take a super shit... NOW!
by Dewit May 26, 2009

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Depending on who you are, this is either one; the greatest game console ever, or two; a piece of shit. The 360 is a good game console, and is financially a better choice that the PS3 considering that its a hundred bucks cheaper. On the down side, it has cooling problems, which can lead to the Red Ring of Death.

Their are three different types of the 360 available; the Arcade, which doesn't come with a hard drive, the Pro system which comes with a 60GB hard drive, and the mighty Elite with comes with a nice 120GB hard drive and black finish.

The 360's main competitor is the PS3. Many people seem to think that the PS3 has better graphics, but they are really about the same. The real facts about the PS3 that make it better than the 360 are that it has a lower failure rate and it is slightly more powerful. The 360 is better than the PS3 in the fact that it's cheaper, and has more available games. Overall, each system has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Owning a Xbox 360 can be much like gambling. You're either lucky, or not lucky.
Tim: Wanna play Halo 3?

Frank: Sorry, I can't. My Xbox 360 got the RROD and I just bought it last week!

Tim: Are you serious? I've had mine since it was first released, and it's still running like it's brand new!
by Dewit June 27, 2009

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A very addicting game on the internet. There is no clear goal or point in the game, all you really do is try to get as much experience in each skill as you can, and wear nice expensive rune or dragon armor. Runescape consists of a free world, which is not very large, and a member’s world which is gigantic, and includes more weapons, armor, items, skills, ect. It's only $5 a month to be a member.

There seems to be some competition between Runescape and World of Warcraft (WOW), in which most of the people you talk to will say WOW is better. However, WOW is somewhere around $15 a month, there is no "free server" (As far as I know, please correct me if I'm wrong) and takes up a ton of memory on your computer. Runescape seems to be the better alternative because you don't have to go to the store and buy expansion packs for it, and you can play for free if you choose.

One big problem with Runescape is that many people create what I call “Auto Noobs”, which are accounts that people make that repeat the same task over, and over, and over again all day long without anyone having to control it. People do this to make millions without having to lift a finger, and it’s really annoying. They are easy to spot, they are almost always very generic, tan shirt, green pants, black hair, and usually under level 5.

I advise you never start playing because you won’t be able to stop. Before you know it, you and your kids will call into school and work with ridiculous excuses just so you can play Runescape all day, and let your brains rot for the Hulu aliens to eat.
Matt: "Well, it's time to go to work, but I really want to play Runescape."

Matt calls in sick.

Matt: "Hello boss, I'm afraid I can't come into work today, me and my family were in a terrible plane crash. My whole family is dead, and I'm now a vegetable. See you tomorrow."

Meanwhile, the Hulu aliens slowy eat the reamins of his brain which rotted away from the many hours and hours of Runescape it had to deal with.
by Dewit April 22, 2009

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Never Been Caught

No-Body Cares

Nothing But Crap

Nothing But Cleavage

Nico Bellic's Cool
Don't watch NBC, play GTA IV.
by Dewit May 19, 2009

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A certain word or code that people use to keep other people out of their shit. Alot of people are stupid and use their user name or thier own name, or even the word "password". Passwords tend to work about 70% of the time, but some crafty assholes can get past easier ones.
Welcome to YourSocialSecurityNumberAndAll OtherInformationYouWouldn'tAnyoneToHave.com


Jimmy: "Ha, no one will ever discover my password."

Jimmy's Username and Password:

USERNAME: Jimmysshit001

I don't know about Jimmy, but good luck trying to find out my password.
by Dewit April 28, 2009

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