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There is no definition for 'fangoriously' in any known work save the prestigious literary achievement of Strong Bad, "Everyone is different". This phenomenon is called hapax legomenon, when a word only appears once-ever. We can deduce from context, however, that fangoriously has something to do with the manner in which gelatinous monsters digest their food.
"Some people are being fangoriously eaten by a gelatinous monster. Hillary's legs are being digested."
by demosthenes September 13, 2003

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the third president of the united states. Became president at the end of John Adams term in 1800. Major accomplishments include the Louisiana purchase and the reduction of the federal debt by decreasing the size of the federal government and military. Jefferson believed in the enlightenment philosophies of John Locke, and thusly believed taht governments purpose was to secure the rights of life, liberty, and proprety, and nothing more (he would be disgusted with the size of the gov today). His motto was " the gov which rules best rules least" . Also wrote the declaration of independence.
I am a Jeffersonian, I despise big government loving socialist pigs.
by Demosthenes June 09, 2005

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A very wise philospher of the 19th century. Founder of the transcendentalist movement. Buddies with Thoreau and Whitman. Wrote an essay called "Self Reliance", which stated that every man should decied for himslef what is right, and follow that, instead of following what the group says. "Whosoever is a man must be a non-conformist". Often misunderstood by ignorant stooges who dont actually read the essay... the same people who say "Thoreau went and lived where for two years... what a pussy"
meathead 1 -"those trangendenerots or whatever are fucking stupid"
meathead 2- " right... dude lets go pick up the new fiddy cent album"
meathead 1- "sweet"
by Demosthenes March 10, 2005

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one of the greatest bands ever. IF you morons understood American Idiot, you'd probably like it... its a rock opera people (see the Who's Quadraphenia), its a story... you cant make fun of a single because all of the songs are connected... christ.
purist 1- man green day sucks now because a lot of people like their music
me- groans and turns up Jesus of Suburbia
by Demosthenes March 11, 2005

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A combination of sounds and rythms that can be made to sound in-fucking-credible or absolute shit.
Man, this song is great, but that last country song sucked big donkey balls
by Demosthenes February 18, 2004

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1.a philosophical movement is 18th century Europe. Its most famous writer was the political theorist John Locke, whos writings influenced Jefferson and Franklin in their Revolutionary ideas. The enlightenemnt stressed that human beings should rely on God's gift to them, logic, and that theur world was very mechanical. Goes well with deism.
2. an epiphany
man 1"Oh my god! It just hit me"
man 2 "What"
man 1"i forgot to flush that toilet back in that memphis hotel"
by Demosthenes March 10, 2005

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Ryan Wertenberger
Man, that Ryan kid...he's the God of Maple Syrup
by Demosthenes April 18, 2004

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