This word means "Raped By Men"
Tim's being rbm again.
by Agustus Gibbins September 30, 2004
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acronym for raped by men

status given to a person who has been and/or is often raped by men
They rape Tim because he's RBM. And he's RBM because they rape him.
by Demosthenes October 04, 2004
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Random Black Man; usually found in parties around college campuses. Can often be found dancing shirtless near the stereo after only a few drinks. Nobody at the party knows this man, making his blackish presence random.
Partier 1: Dude, who's that shirtless nig dancing near the stereo?

Partier 2: I don't know, looks likes an RBM to me.

Partier 1: Quick, hide the Hennessey!
by APeezy716 December 08, 2008
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