9 definitions by dchohan

Big, strong and muscular. Large and powerful.
yo! - check the guns on that tyrone!!! - nigga iz tonkers!!!!!
by dchohan March 26, 2008
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an emourmous piece of meat. ussually found between a dudes legs ...
how the fuck does that tyrone fuck his tight white girl??? the niggaz got a beer can for a cock ... i feel sorry for her ass hole having to take that anus breaker!
by dchohan January 25, 2009
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When something is legitimate and in working order ..

To complete a task with excellence.
numero1: yeah boy! wuz poppin? i got some brand spanking Nike air Max for ya!!

nemero2: they look siq blad? they propper-dopper?

nemero1: Of course b! they as legit as the panties i bought your girlfroend last week fool!

nemero2: you getting knocked out now nigga!
by dchohan August 6, 2008
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to move quickly

accomplished rapidly and without delay
yo! po po's were chasing some bre - that tyrone was running at break neck speed!
by dchohan November 26, 2007
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A Punjabi brother usually of the Sikh persuasion
yis mate - whats up?

- nutun, just chillin..

you wanna go get a bite to eat?

- will it be dripping with ghee and chillis?

no doubt my ghee boy brother!

- ...lets roll ....
by dchohan February 16, 2009
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is another name for a turban. found on the heads of my sikhs as well as PAKIstanis.
Check that paag on jigjinderjeet, its massive! That brother must use a whole bottle of head and shoulders in the morning!
by dchohan July 19, 2008
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Another word for female genetalia

1.n. The female reproductive organ. Can be used for giving or getting pleasure and orgasm. Sensitive area between the female thighs. Has two lips called labias and has an entrance called vagina. 2.n. A feline. 3. v. when one cannot stand up for ones belief or incapable of the capabilities.
listen nigga - that asin chick i banged ... her flanj was as tight as a mouse's earhole!!!!!!

by dchohan March 21, 2008
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