From the Boy Scouts. Used as a closing, such as in a letter. Stands for "Yours in Scouting" or "Yours in Service".
by Yours in Scouting February 17, 2009
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The word "yes", but said "yis". Originated in Olean, NY, where the slang quickly spread like wildfire. The legend has it, a man named barf was first to say this, but the story is not 100% confirmed.
"Are you doing anything tonight?"
"Oh, are you going to Lisa's?"
by Bizzare April 18, 2008
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Coloq. : You?
Can be singular of plural, usually in the expression "I'yis"
Yis're gonna be late
(You're going to be late)
by Ozymandias February 13, 2005
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the nicest all around guy you will ever meet. ladies love him, guys want to be him. talented, smart, sweet, and lovable, yis tends to capture everyones heart and respect. skate board extraordinare and film mastermind, in francesca's opinion he is beyond compare. a good friend and a champion dancer, yis is all around the man.
THE man. one time i was like "hey yis, i need some wisdom" and he was all "yea, i have some" and he did.
by francesca January 28, 2005
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