5 definitions by dcfly

A man who has dedicated his very existence to the pursuit of the male ass.
I saw James at the falafel hut. He was wearing a velour tracksuit. What a total ass maven.
by dcfly April 3, 2003
...and on that day, Lucifer created the Gura.
by dcfly March 28, 2003
Another name for the Mountain Dew soft drink.
Dude, you got anything to drink other than this panther-piss?
by dcfly March 21, 2003
Someone who seriously needs to be donkey-punched.
Tell that tall-skinny-faggot he's mine.
by dcfly March 21, 2003
James was really disappointed today at the falafel hut. Amal really phultzed up his lunch order.
by dcfly April 3, 2003