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The word Amal is an Arabian name which means hope. Amal is also known as the precious queen. The most white hearted person ever! She seems shy at first but once you get to know her more you’ll never want to leave her. Purest soul and very lovable. Has a perfect body shape but never seems to agree. Gives good advice and really sociable. Always good looking :)
Heads down, Amal is coming through
by injude December 09, 2018
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From it's Arabic roots Amal ( أمل ) signifies hope, whilst it's Celtic origins lead it to mean water.

Amals are incredibly considerate to the point of frequent willing self-destruction for others.

With a right arm that will lovingly cradle you, a voice to soothe you, just know that the left might slap you if you cross the line. If you've invoked the wrath Amal, you truly have done something wrong and are being reminded of what is truly good. This ultimate defender complex naturally draws people of all kinds to feel an innate sense of worship, since afterall, Amal reminds us of hope.

Amals are always brimming with affection to give, this often manifests in them taking care of fluffy animals most particularly rabbits. Her affection however is given too indiscriminatingly, leading to many to take it for granted and not truly appreciate her and the blessing she gives. It thus has become common practise to show to an Amal that you are not taking them for granted by shouting/making clear that, "she is Amal-zing."
Person 1: ...Is that Amal over there?

Person 2: OH MY GOD YES IT IS!!!
Person 1 & Person 2: HEY AMAL!! YOU'RE AMAL-ZNG
by #1MaskyFan August 02, 2020
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Amal is a hilarious, outgoing, open-minded and pretty girl who doesn’t let people bring her down nor does she tolerate stupid behaviours. She’s also the mood-maker and doesn’t really hold grudges and if she does, it’s less than 30 minutes. If you want someone to make you laugh to the point where you have abs, someone that could admire you for who you are and also someone you cant live without. Be friends with an Amal!
“Oh my god! your name is Amal? well dang you’re my mum now.”
by Just be friends with her January 28, 2019
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Amal means hope and also means beauty
A beautiful person with an amazing personality & a warm heart

Always there for other people

Never let's people see her upset & always stays strong.

She is the one who people depend on yet depends on nobody.
Amal is beautiful
by aher123 February 15, 2012
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an arabic name meaning hope. Also the name of the very gorgeous Queen of the World who, legend has it, has the power to send people who annoy her to the dungeons.However, people usually adore and worship her and consider her a great friend and cannot live without her!
Amal, Queen of the World is here! Everyone bow down!
by egodiva January 24, 2007
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Amal Is a gorgeous girl who is thick, smart and funny. Amal is a good girl but once you get on her bad side, don't even bother looking back just RUN! She is a completely awesome girl that every boy wishes was their girl friend. Amal also has a HUGEEEEE ass that every boy falls in love with. No one can get to her level!
by CANT GET TO HER LEVEL February 18, 2018
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