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a video about sex pertaining to a certain type of sexual act and including many many examples of that act
man that fuckumentary about gangbangs made my girlfriend into a slut
by davidwating August 12, 2003
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a mop which is used for cleansing of fuck... also a derogitory statement aimed at either sex to lower their self esteem or genrally lead to thier desire to end thier own lives.
i fucking hate you you dirty fuckmop
by davidwating July 25, 2003
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a towel used to clean cocks
that towel
i used it on my cock
by davidwating September 04, 2003
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a thouroghly ugly person you feel the need to feed a bullet too
catholic style
brandon is such a herpesface
by davidwating October 03, 2003
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a pile of fuck
a tangled mass of horny people engaged in a clusterfuck
often followed with a cleansing cycle provided by a fuck mop
man that fuckpile last night was so fucked up
i think i saw your mom in it
and afterwards your sister got out the fuckmop and cleaned that nasty shit up
by davidwating August 13, 2003
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butchering someone while they are still living and then using thier own intestinal byproducts to end their worthless existance and waste of my resources.
god knows how many people from shadle i have smastermurdered.
fucking bitch ill smastermurder you.
by davidwating October 09, 2003
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the best sex possible.
wow i picked up this hot crackhead last night i smasterfucked her in my backseat for $3
it was awesome
by davidwating October 05, 2003
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