Person from Rural Ireland. Plays and watches Gaelic Football, but does support a Soccer team (mainly United or Celtic). Drinks Vodka and Red Bull and listens to Happy Hardcore or Traditional Irish Music (mainly the Wolfe Tones).
Look at them Culchies drivin around the Vilage playing Happy Hardcore.
by Desigol November 19, 2004
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Boy from the countryside in Ireland who wears superdry hoodies, polo shirts with collar up and jeans with brown boots. Typically drives a shitbox and works on a farm, talks strangely and thinks people from the city are rare
That boys a while big culchie
by Stevie Michaels January 4, 2021
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Slack jawed yokel type from Ireland.
Talks funny, wears really old clothes, loves Smithwicks and Hurling. Kilkenny folk are probably the worst type.
by PJ December 9, 2003
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salt of the earth irish people who live in the rural areas of ireland. donegal being the best of a good bunch. not to be used to describe a northern prod farmer who are paisleyite bible thumpin catholic haters and are so backward they still duck witches.
g'wan ye culchie fucker ye g'wan and it's over da bar
by da origanal playa May 17, 2006
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irish origin. someone who live in the counrty side, near fields, cows, farms. may be offensive in context. american red necks
bleedin culchies!
ah shut up ya culchie
go back to the bog culchie
shite, he's a culchie
by tearsinheaven May 8, 2005
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Irish slang.
Meaning rural people. Most commonly used by people from the city.
by Sista from anotha Mista July 25, 2005
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