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Where men are men, and sheep are slightly nervous...
(where enya is from and your doll from sex and the city has a house in donegal)
by Bij November 01, 2005
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gods own county, second biggest county in ireland and the furtest north. its windswept barren and can be cold but its beauty has to be seen to believed. priciple town is letterkenny. the shops and some of the accomadation is piss poor, but the bars the craic is 90 best guinness in the world and brilliant bar staff. the roads can be deadly though; from belfast you can be in donegal within an hour and a half just head up the M2 and your there.
lets get some smoke fill the car with booze and hit donegal well get fucked of our faces by the atlantic coast.
aye sound, maybe we can get some pussy too.
fuck that its donegal we dont need no pussy.
by da origanal playa June 04, 2006
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A crap county in Ulster that consists of nothing only hills, sheep, mountains and ugly, old, rundown towns e.g. Bundoran. It is a complete fucking shithole that nobody likes unless they are either from there or they are old women.

Also hundreds of scummy, smelly, fat, old tourists flock to this county and its shitty towns, mainly bundoran. this makes the county even worse and therefore it is definitly the worst county in the world.
Woman: should we go up to Donegal for the weekend?

Man: are you fucking serious? its the biggest shithole in Ireland
by dyin-for-a-dump November 03, 2009
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