a common hard working man or person.
The farmer that loved his land but barely fed his family was the salt of the Earth.
by sarah January 3, 2004
Jes' folks; the 36 saints who uphold the world; ordinary people. See the song by the Rolling Stones. Origin in the New Testament.
Say a prayer for the hard-working people. Say a prayer for the salt of the earth.
by octopod November 30, 2003
When a penis-yielding man or person emits cum onto the ground outside.
"Watch out, there's some salt of the earth where you're about to walk"
by saltoftheearth November 17, 2011
The act of blocking and deleting a person from social media, phone and everything else given with an explanation of why a relationship will never work; forever destroying the possibility of ever meeting again. Much more polite and complete than ghosting. A relationship nuked is utterly destroyed and forever gone.
I found out she does meth so I had to nuke with Salted Earth our relationship.
by Liberation Theology August 21, 2019