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A seemingly discrete way your friend hides his pot.
Brian knew Danielle was up to something when he saw a bottle of milk thistle in her dad's ass.
by Cuz December 14, 2004

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To recogonize that someone that is gay and glare at them continuously. Rudeness continues until the staring point bursts into "flames". See Flamers.
Once she reconized me from the Gay bar that she was in last week, she proceeded to gay-lare at me. She wanted to make sure I wouldn't out her!
by cuz July 07, 2004

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merging of the word "Mess" while making reference to an other object. Commonly used when referencing another person or situation.
What do you think of that girl??
Oh no! That's a MESS!
Or did you hear about all the Lesbian drama?
Oh yeah grrl! That's a MESS!
by Cuz April 30, 2004

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(v) to smoke weed; grassify
(n) the act of getting grassified ie; smoking pot
Are you up for some late night grassification?....Dude, I'm hella grassified. ...That grassification hit the spot
by cuz July 07, 2004

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Ey cuz, i dunno wad youse fittin to talk 'bout but we call dem flapjacks here in da south my nigga.
hey cuz gimme some of dem flapjacks.
by cuz June 02, 2003

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see, a lightweight, cutty session on the one time, yo
"You guys down for a serious X-men schezwan?"
by cuz July 26, 2004

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