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A response to a statement that is painfully obvious, similar to the phrase, ‘no shit.’
Person A: *sobbing uncontrollably*
Person B: You look sad.
Person A: *rolls eyes* Car is bad.
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Somebody who is highly attracted to basil. They see basil as a wonderful romantic partner that is superior to any human. Many basil bangers even go on to marry basil.
“Wow, did you see all that basil in his pocket? He has to be a basil banger.”
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A dog that is a bitch. A dog that barks at everything. A dog that groans every time it sits down. A dog that is morbidly obese, but still begs for food. A dog that licks furniture for no reason. All of these are characteristics of a bitch dog.
Dog: *barks*
Owner: Bitch Dog.
Owner’s friend: What?
Owner: Oh, my dog’s a bitch.
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