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1). To consider deeply any and all aspects of the vagina, especially while under the influence of hormonal derangement, normally at the expense of getting anything else done. Most often this is a condition suffered by late-teen heterosexual males.
Mom, I can't mow the lawn. I'm bound to vagimatate, get distracted and mow my toes off. I'm sure you understand."
by cowboythecat April 24, 2009

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The unexpected death of a person very soon after retirement, especially if he had great plans for his future and hated his job.

Jerry bought an RV and some new golf clubs, got hair plugs and a little nip-tuck and purchased a time share in Gulf Shores. Expirony struck two days after his retirement party as he bellied up to the buffet at Ponderosa.
by cowboythecat April 24, 2009

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To engage in unprotected intercourse with a person whose sexual history is unclear.
"Did you clapulate with that woman from the bar last night? One of these days your penis is just going to burst into flames."
by cowboythecat December 12, 2008

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The force exerted on the breasts of a woman during the act of sex while the woman is on her back and the man is on his knees. This force causes the breasts to move in an equal and opposite circular motion away from the center point of the sternum and is extremely mesmerizing to the man.
"Man, I ****ed the dog **** out of Shirley last night. I had that mammipital force rockin' to the R. Kelley. I know she ain't walkin' straight to-DAY!"
by Cowboythecat January 21, 2010

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That group of kids everybody knew in high school that individually were often the targets of derision and/or physical violence, but who through some geek radar found one another to form an alliance, thereby lessening the probability that any one member is a victim.

The reference to the middle-age practice of isolating individuals with Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) and not allowing them to come into contact with any "normal" people is apropos because if a "normal" (read non-geekified) child were to associate with the leper colony, s/he is immediately labeled as suspect, and in extreme cases will be isolated him/her self, thus becoming a member of the colony.
Mark's sister: "Mark has been indoctrinated into the Leper Colony and is at the park LARPing."

Mark's mom: "NO GOD, NOOOOOOOO!"
by cowboythecat October 28, 2010

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A man that pretends that he will only have sex with a woman who's vagina is "just so," when in reality, he probably hasn't had sex in years if ever.
Brad: "ugh... too much hair is SICK! I don't want to fuck a dirty, tick infested rat's nest!!"

Brad's Buddy: "mmmm-hmmmm."

Brad: "and what about that roast beef? DISGUSTING!! What the hell ARE those flip-flaps, anyway?!?!"

Brad's Buddy: "I couldn't say, Brad."

Brad: "Trim and tight, nothing but the slit showing, that's all I'll fuck, man!"

Brad's Buddy: "You're kind of a Vaginista, Brad."

Brad: "What?"
by cowboythecat April 24, 2009

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