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Some one having exceptional knowledge of, fondness for and ability with vaginas.
He wasn't just a vagenius. He proved his ability over and over. He was a vaginista
by The Vaginista January 05, 2010
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A man that pretends that he will only have sex with a woman who's vagina is "just so," when in reality, he probably hasn't had sex in years if ever.
Brad: "ugh... too much hair is SICK! I don't want to fuck a dirty, tick infested rat's nest!!"

Brad's Buddy: "mmmm-hmmmm."

Brad: "and what about that roast beef? DISGUSTING!! What the hell ARE those flip-flaps, anyway?!?!"

Brad's Buddy: "I couldn't say, Brad."

Brad: "Trim and tight, nothing but the slit showing, that's all I'll fuck, man!"

Brad's Buddy: "You're kind of a Vaginista, Brad."

Brad: "What?"
by cowboythecat April 24, 2009
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