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Gymrat; Noun: A word used to describe an individual who is addicted to lifting weights. Gymrats have well developed physiques and broad knowledge of training regimens and diet plans. Gymrats are not the same as meatheads. Gymrats are much more intelligent and often have a physical addiction to lifting weights.
Bob: “Dude Sam’s a total gymrat.”
Jim: “I know he lifts like 20 hours a week.”
Bob: ‘He has no life.”
by cortez7 October 14, 2016

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Elite is and Adjective commonly used to describe someone or something is greatly superior than the rest.
Sam: "Dude Miguel Cotto is a great boxer."
Buck: "Yeah but Floyd Mayweather is elite."

Sam: "true true."

Buck: "Yo the Mclaren 570s is an elite car."
Sam: "Forreal."
by cortez7 October 14, 2016

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Stay; Adjective: Stay is a word commonly used used by millennials and urbanities to describe someone or something that habitually repeats the same action.
Sam: "yo, Hunter stay lifting weights."
Buck: "I know that cat is mad swoll, he's in the gym 24/7.""

Buck: "This guy Andrew doesn't have any money."
Sam: "yeah cuz he stay calling out of work to watch Ninja turtle reruns with his pet Iguana."
by cortez7 October 14, 2016

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Jawed: And adjective used to describe a very forcefull punch delivered to ones face that knocks them unconscious, or to the ground. It is usually used when describing an individual getting knocked out/down by the first punch throw by his or her opponent.
Sam: "yo Buck remember when I got my ass kicked in middle school by that high school kid on steroids?"

Buck:" Lmaoooo, by that guy Nick? yo that was the funniest thing I ever saw! He jawed your ass hard. You dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

Sam:" Well I barely weighed more than a sack of potatoes back then anyway..."
by cortez7 October 13, 2016

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Meathead; Noun: Used to describe males who spend most of their free time at the gym. Meatheads are easily identified by their tendency to wear cut-off tee shirts, tank tops and tight sweatshirts. They frequently have overdeveloped chest and bicep muscles.
Sam: “Dude I couldn’t even squat last night at the gym.”
Buck: “Why not?”
Sam: “Cuz there was like 50 Meatheads there using all the squat racks to do bicep curls!”
Buck: “Dang that’s OD bro.”
by cortez7 October 13, 2016

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Cooked; Adjective: A word used to describe severe, ruthless or excessive punishment; Or
it can also be used to describe an individual who is suffering greatly while exercising.
Sam: "Did you see how ISIS cut those peoples' heads off?!"
Buck: "Yea they're Savages. I'm telling you they're gonna get cooked by God when they get to Hell."
Exercise Example:
Sam: "Dude, Jeremy got cooked when we were running up that hill."
Buck: "Yeah cuz that hill is Jerry Rice status. "
by cortez7 October 13, 2016

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Dusted: An adjective used to describe the outcome of a fight or event when one party is seriously injured physically. It can be used by its self, or in conjunction with the word up. As in "dusted-up."
Buck: " Darius just got got dusted-up."
Sam: "How?"
Buck: " He tried to squat 315 at the gym, and tit literally broke his back."
Sam: "Dang he got dusted."
by cortez7 October 13, 2016

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