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Verb. Local slang from Melbourne, Australia.

To be friendly to a particular person in order to gain sexual preference with them. Often seen in the context "on the razz."
Timmy is totally razzing Emily.

Marcus is on the razz.
by ThatOneGuyFromThatOneShow September 15, 2014
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Noun: A Nigerian slang used to describe obnoxious individuals who try desprately hard to fit in.

Verb: To act in Razz
Ex Noun: "I can tell the razz bunch by their clothes"

Ex Verb: "Dont be razz" or "Dont be a razzo"
by naijababe February 14, 2005
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Local slang commonly used on a daily basis by immature high school students in Melbourne, Australia. A sexist and hertrocentric term meaning to flirt or chat up in order to gain sexual preference.
1. Matthew is the razz king.

2. Matt is on the Razz.

3. Matthew is so razzing Emma!
by skysock October 11, 2015
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