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A person often considered to be a putz that works at McDonalds.
That McPutz forgot to give me fries.
by cool4dude April 28, 2005
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My friend was talking about the FIFA World Cup, then he asked if I watched it and I said, "I would never watch that damn Lawyer Ball!"
by cool4dude December 16, 2006
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Blindly following the leadership of George W. Bush.
He had so much patrioticism that he didn't even care if he died during the next war.
by cool4dude April 28, 2005
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One that diver or plunges into the anus (especially a homosexul.) The references is meant to bring forth imagery of a scuba diver in a wet suit diving into the ocean, like a penis plunging into an ocean of ass.
He didn't wear a snorkel but we could all tell that he was an anal diver.
by cool4dude April 29, 2005
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A Canadian hippy. Usually has a blank expression and says, "make love not war, eh?"
There was a canippy in the park picking up garbage saying, "lets save the earth, eh?"
by cool4dude April 29, 2005
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A frozen wasteland full mounties and polar bears where people walk around drunkenly saying "eh?" Canucksylvania is the native land to canucks and hosers.
Steve informed his friends that the citizens of Canuckslyvania are all drunken idiots.
by cool4dude April 28, 2005
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One who uses emotes or "emoticons," extensively in online speach. It is often to a ridiculous degree, to the point where they make more faces than words.
Allison was being an emoteahobag in the chatroom, so we had to kick her out.
by cool4dude April 28, 2005
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