19 definitions by contagion;

1. A marijuana cigarette
2. any place or thing
3. Prison
1. We rolled that dub in a joint.

2. a) You wanna hit up that fried chicken joint?

b) "This film is A Spike Lee joint." - credits of Spike Lee films

3. My dude got 8 years in the joint for assault.
by contagion; April 05, 2009
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The Ironbound/Down Neck is a part of Newark with a huge Portuguese population.
Every year 500,000 people gather on Ferry St (the main commercial street) for the Portugal Day Feast. Keep in mind that the entire population of Newark is around 280,000.
1: I'm going to Newark today.

2: Foda-se! You wanna get killed?

1: Oh no dude, I'm going to the Ironbound.

2. Oh alright, take it easy.
by contagion; January 22, 2008
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A Portuguese word meaning:

1. horse

2. heroin
1. Cavalos sao grandes. (Horses are big.)

2. A minha seringa do cavalo e grande. (My heroin needle is big.)
by contagion; July 10, 2008
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Used to describe something you have memorized

It's a misnomer of course, but one that's used all the time
Do you know Danny's number by heart?
by contagion; June 16, 2009
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Pussy in Portuguese.

It's only used in Brasil.
Tens as fotografias dessa chochota?

Do you have pictures of that pussy?
by contagion; November 21, 2009
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used before a verb to say that you have been doing that verb for a long time now

pronounced bin. The more emphasis put on it, the longer the person has been doing that verb.
Damn, you know how to ride a unicycle?

Yo I've been knowing how to ride a unicycle.
by contagion; September 25, 2009
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