Capital of Portugal (country); Should visit it, it's very beautifull and it's very entertaining, it has lots of things for people to do, mostly tourists.
City of lights; Founded by Ulisses in ancient times, called "Olisipo" back then.

Original spelling is "Lisboa" (Liz-boh-â), not "Lisbon".
John: Hey Blake, where are you?

Blake: Hello John! I'm in Lisbon, I love this city!
by TCVLS January 7, 2013
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A crappy town in northern New Hampshire. It mainly consists of run-down apartment buildings and a factory where the mafia burns its debtors. There is a wire mill, but just give it time, it will be assimilated. Most men look like they've answered "Yes" on all drug tests and own at least a nation's worth of firearms. And almost every woman looks like they received plastic surgery from a head-on collision bus. And for the kids, one look and you'll instinctively reach for your pocket to make sure your wallet's still there. Alternatively, it can be used as an insult.
Example One: Hey, stay off this road; it brings you to Lisbon.

Example Two: Shut up, you Lisbon ass, boarding pass, passing gas piece of trash.
by Northeastern Pinko November 6, 2020
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A tall tale.
A rhyming slang phrase dating back to Mediaeval times when Sir Guy of Gisburne spread unfounded rumours about Robin of Loxley (aka Robin Hood).
The phrase "You're telling a Gisburne" has been adulterated over the years, and its rhyming equivalent (a "Lisbon") has gained popularity wihtin cyber-space message boards.

by Allan A Dale November 30, 2006
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Europe's bumhole.
Lisbon was originally built on 7 hills and apart from the Portuguese, nobody gives a shit. The 7 hills are called, Maria, Pedro, PedroMariaGozalo, Maripedrazalinha, Hilliesta Grandesta, Jesus Christo and Dave. As for the language, Portuguese sounds like a retarded Spaniard trying to speak Russian. Amongst the greasy midget population popular pastimes include moaning, not working, standing around outside shops that only sell 2 types of pissy beer, domestic violence and stealing chickens. The highest rated tv shows are, Pimp my Donkey, Cooking with Sticks, Meu Casa Mau Casa (in this show interior designers remodel a house that has collapsed using mud and crayons) and Who want's to be a quasi millionairo? (the top prize is 15euros and nobody has ever got past the second question) The country’s football fans consider Benfica to be the greatest football club in the world and have not yet realised that nobody outside of Portugal has ever heard of them. FIFA rating places them 2 points below Sheffield Wednesday and 1 above England’s over 60's womens team. When the British Embassy recently received the results of a questionnaire they had given to ex pats living in the Algarve it became evident that most of them had actually thought that they had been living in a shit part of Spain. Also, Lisbon has more homeless people than a coastal town that has just been hit by a tsunami and it's female population are required by law to have moustaches.
Lisbon? Epicos Failiados
by ropaldo April 12, 2011
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A stupid hick town no one wants to live in. its all farm land and rednecks.
We don't want to go to Lisbon a bunch of hicks live there
by spank my monkey! December 28, 2011
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A boring ass place in the Western part of Howard County where people sit in parking lots and hang out for fun. Kids here ride golf carts and tractors up and down the roads and speed through shopping centers because they think thier cool. All there is to do here is 2 have a party, go out drinking with some friends or smoke up in either a shed or a barn.
Lisbon McDonalds parking lot, Duncan Donuts parking lot. 7 11
by littledick February 20, 2009
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the way non-portuguese spell lisboa...
The city is named lisboa, not lisbon... even the damn tourism misspells it, probably becuase its "hard" to pronounce.
Its not... dont disrespect my country and say lisbon
Wop: hey man, im going to lisbon for holidays!
Porkchop: Shut up fez, ull get ur ass kicked if u call it that in portugal
by The_Dark_Side June 28, 2005
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