A verb that reveals that information about the subect is not recent, but rather from an earlier time. Also, the word is pronounced "bin" and needs heavier emphasis. The expression sometimes does not need a subject.
Example #1:

Nas on Ether: " (Fuck Jay-Z!) You BEEN on my dick, nigga. You love my style, nigga."

^The line implies that the subject (Jay-Z) is not a recently-turned fan of Nas, but that he was a fan of Nas for a long time now.

Example #2:

Gabe: "Yo, I don't wanna go on the roller coaster. The last time I went on, I was 10 and I was crying after I got off."

Felix: "Wow. BEEN soft."
by Illmatic1 May 26, 2009
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used before a verb to say that you have been doing that verb for a long time now

pronounced bin. The more emphasis put on it, the longer the person has been doing that verb.
Damn, you know how to ride a unicycle?

Yo I've been knowing how to ride a unicycle.
by contagion; September 25, 2009
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Modifies any other verb, giving it an urban twist.
(Actual dialogue)
"I thought that clubhouse burned down a few years ago."
"Naww, man, dey been refixed dat!"
by bizook May 18, 2004
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an amazing guitar player who is in the band blacklight. he has shoulder legnth curly hair and HATES ARTHUR arthur malloy. he can be quite shy but is indeed wise and amazing. he is king of all the world. i named him been as his mum spelt his name wrong on a note 4 school, was soooo funni.
"wow did u see been at that gig?"
"yeah that was an awesome guitar solo"
"yeah much betta than toby"
"yeah but been is an awesome guy!"
by ams April 19, 2005
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doesn't know what his name means
"I have no idea what been is supposed to mean...anyone got any ideas?"
by r0mu1ux December 28, 2004
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Yeah I know him. We been been!
by realspill October 21, 2015
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