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A non-existent word in any language.
The most irritating spelling mistake ever.

A lot. It's two words.
People like to use this non-word "alot".
by Concerned November 29, 2004

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Global Warming in a day
With my new Hummer, I can single-handedly melt the ice caps.
by concerned March 18, 2003

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A "journalist" better known for sayings like:

"Let's hit these biscuits with a dab of gravy."

than actual news reporting.

A newsman with a vendetta that came close to tears on the night of November 2, 2004 when he had to announce that the guy he made up documents to smear ( President George W. Bush) had actually won the election while he (Dan Rather) had lost what little credibility he had left.
What's the frequency, Kenneth?
by Concerned November 29, 2004

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I would appreciate it if you changed the way your site works. It needs to be arrange so that you approve of the definitions before they get posted on your site. Please do this because kids in my high school have been abusing the way this site works and have been making fun of kids. It is giving them bad reputations at school and making everyone think bad things about them that is not true,and most of it encourages sexual things. I know this because it happened to me. Just please change this site so that you approve it or somehow make it so that people will not keep using this site to anonymously make fun of kids who did nothing to them.
by Concerned March 14, 2003

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A caucasian named "Brian" who portrays himself as a black man. Normally used as a derrogatory term.
<Brian> Sup, ma nigga!
<Jon> Jesus Bayim, stfu.
by Concerned February 23, 2003

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compolsive liar

i just got a tacho for my car shit car
oh my god i think im turning into a pikles
by concerned May 01, 2004

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